ISID-AO supports a digital society with human and technology.

We envision a future where our services play a role in all faculties of society. Our mission is to help people with limitless possibilities bring out the full potential of technology to create a sustainable digital society.

ISID Group Philosophy


Acting with sincerity, we contribute to progress and
harmony among our customers, consumers, and
society by exploring the unlimited potential of technology.


for the future

Bringing people and technology together to
shape the future.

Understanding human trends,
anticipating society’s evolution and
exploring the full potential of technology,
ISID Group is creating a better tomorrow
through harmony between people and technology.

Action Principles


Be a pioneer.

  • Agile

    Try it first.

  • Humor

    Win through personality.

  • Explore

    Venture into the unknown.

  • Ambitious

    Have a dream.

  • Dialogue

    Communicate ideas thoroughly.